(8/10) "Double Eclipse" was a real highlight in 1992. The melodic hardrock that was initiated by the Gioeli brothers was smasher and a debut that included with "Takin' Me Down" a song that went, in difficult times, right into Billboard's Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks chart. Hardline, at that time, could be seen as a 'supergroup', since next to the Gioeli brothers it was no less than Journey's Neal Schon, Todd Jensen and Deen Castronovo that completed the line-up.

But times for rock bands got harder in the 90's and the band lost its record deal. In addition band members left, others came and it took till 2002 to release the sophomore album. Since then Hardline releases records again on a more regular base with the newest one being available since a few days.

"Human Nature" is the 5th full length disc of Hardline, featuring eleven new songs that cover a range from power balled ("Human Nature") to heavier tracks like "Running on Empty". With "Trapped in Muddy Waters" the band shows their passion for blues while "Where the North Wind Blows" scratches the fields of AOR.

In the meantime it's Johnny Gioeli who the only remaining original band member and luckily he found some great dudes that worked with him on "Human Nature". Keyboard allrounder Alessandro Del Veccchio is part of the game and also Primal Fear drummer Francesco Jovino contributes with his heavy punch. Furthermore Josh Ramos and Anna Portalupi are part of Hardline too and they all together created an album that belongs to the good hardrock releases in 2016.





  1. Where Will We Go From Here
  2. Nobody's Fool
  3. Human Nature
  4. Trapped in Muddy Waters
  5. Running On Empty
  6. The World is Falling Down
  7. Take You Home
  8. Where The North Wind Blows
  9. In the Dead of the Night
  10. United We Stand
  11. Fighting the Battle


Label: Frontiers Music

Genre: Hardrock

Release Date EU: October 14th

CD review HARDLINE "Human Nature"
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