(8/10) "Somewhere to Elsewhere" have been released in 2000 and afterwards it almost feels like the title being an omen for the coming years since the band had their time-outs when it comes to studio albums.

The classic rock legend from Topeka can look back on a rich musical past, having had hits like "Dust in the Wind" and "Carry on Wayward Son". Kansas belongs, with this repertoire of highlights, to the spearhead of classic rock, something the band translated from the late 70's to the here and now.

The way they did it is playing shows on a regular base, now supported by a new studio album called "The Prelude Implicit". The recently released longplayer features ten new songs of the iconic band that consists today out of the original drummer Phil Ehart and lead guitarist Richard Williams. Bassplayer and singer Billy Geer is also aboard and the same goes for Ronnie Platt (voc/key), David Manion (key), Zak Rizvi (g) and David Ragsdale (violine/g).

Sometimes this kind of records build up high expectations which are in the end fizzle out since they don't have enough substance to handle any comparison with the earlier days. In this case the guys came back with a longplayer that is 100% Kansas, doing the work by using modern-days possibilities to make it sound really good. This dinosaur is still more than alive which is great.

The album starts with "With This Heart", a melodic song that shows the band at its best. After such a well done beginning "Visibility Zero" takes it over by adding a more progressive vibe to the album. Even though the tune itself is a catchy rocker there are some moments that shows the experience and diversity of Kansas very well. Violins start "The Unsung Hero" which belongs to the soulful moments on "The Prelude Implicit", build on piano and vocals. "Refugee" is, in these crazy times, more than just a song. It comes with moving lyrics that are enriched by a great acoustic guitar. Next to these more thoughtful moments there are the more light-hearted tracks such as "Summer" with a great rocking guitar solo halfway down the raod. But also violine and keyboard get enough of the spotlight.

"The Prelude Implicit" is a complete package, showing Kansas' experience, passion and capabilities. The rock community welcomes back one of the dinosaurs of classic rock. "The Prelude Implicit" is became a great longplayer that will delight fans of the band and might help Kansas to gain even new ones too.





  1. With This Heart
  2. Visibility Zero
  3. The Unsung Heroes
  4. Rhythm in the Spirit
  5. Refugee
  6. The Voyage of Eight Eighteen
  7. Camouflage
  8. Summer
  9. Crowded Isolation
  10. Section 60


​Label: InsideOut Music

Genre: Classic Rock

Release Date EU: September 23rd, 2016

CD review KANSAS "The Prelude Implicit"
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