(7/10) Kee Marcello is a well known name in rock music since the guy enriched Europe's sound between 1986 and 1992, being part of records like "Out of This World". But next to this period in time and next to many contributions to records of various artists Marcello also worked on several solo records of which the newest one hits the record stores as you read this review.

"Scaling Up" is Marcello's 4th solo album and it comes with twelve songs, all melodic hardrock songs that are, what a surprise, coming with a strong guitar focus. "Scaling Up" is built on a good production and it was Marchello himself that gave this longplayer a well-crafted sound. Next to his role as producer, the guitarist also took over the vocal duties and did the keyboards too (except "Wild Child").

Talking about the songs on the album, it's the mentioned "Wild Child" that belongs to the highlights on "Scaling Up" and also "Scandinavia" sound pretty good. The latter comes with a catchy chorus and rocking guitar in the verse, a combination that works very well for this tune. The soulful moments are present too and "Don't Know How to Love No More" is one of them.

In general I must say that there is no really bad song on the album. But unfortunately there isn't an outstanding one on this longplayer either. "Scaling Up" is a good hardrock album, but not more than that. Sometimes I got the idea that things sounded a bit old-fashion with songs very much referring to some earlier highlights in Marcello's rich history. This is per se nothing bad, it just didn't give me the real shivers.





  1. Black Hole Star
  2. On the Radio
  3. Don't Miss You Much
  4. Fix Me
  5. Wild Child
  6. Finger on the Trigger
  7. Soldier Down
  8. Scandinavia
  9. Good Men Gone Bad
  10. Scaling Up
  11. Don't Miss How to Love No More
  12. Blow by Blow


Label: Frontiers Music

Genre: Hardrock

Release Date EU: October 14th, 2016

CD review KEE MARCELLO "Scaling Up"
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