(8/10) Actually it was Obituary that opened the gates for me to death metal. I don't know what triggered me to listen to these guys, but I guess it was the artwork that rose some curiosity in the beginning before the music took over.
It all started for me with "Cause of Death" and I discovered the beauty of the debut later on. However, since this moment in time I follow the guys from Tampa, Florida, a band that never really lost its fascination.
Therefor it was good news to hear about this new output of the five-piece. "Ten Thousand Ways to Die" is actually not a live album, even though it comes with a lot of live songs. It includes also two new songs, both typical Obituary smashers, but due to the live tracks it's not a 7" either.
"Ten Thousand Ways to Die" is a hybrid that brings old and new together in a vey well doen setup?
"Loathe" starts simple. It's a solo guitar and innocent riff in slow-mo that introduces the song. Inch by inch things turn into an evil Obituary groover that takes its intensity from the slow pace, the brutal riffing and the deep growls by John Trady. "Loathe" fits perfect into Obituary's discography, showing again why these guys belong to the spearhead of US death metal. There are many death metal bands but there is none like this powerhouse from Tampa,
The live tracks are a well chosen compilation of Obituary classics, reminding me very much of their setlist at the Dynamo open air earlier this summer where the guys put down an extraordinary show, acting as a musical bulldozer you couldn't escape from.
This album captures the live atmosphere very well and even the fact that each song was recorded somewhere else during the latest US tour this record stands like a rock.
"Ten Thousand Ways to Die" is well done live release for fans of the Florida's number one death metal machine and it's a great introduction for everybody that lived under a rock for the last decades, not having heard of Obituary yet.





  1. Loathe
  2. Ten Thousand Ways To Die
  3. Redneck Stomp (Live – The Mayan – Los Angeles)
  4. Centuries Of Lies (Live – The Masquerade – Atlanta)
  5. Visions In My Head (Live – Baltimore Soundstage – Baltimore)
  6. Intoxicated (Live – Revolution Center – Boise)
  7. Bloodsoaked (Live – Irving Plaza – New York)
  8. Dying (Live – Metro – Chicago)
  9. Find The Arise (Live – Opera House – Toronto)
  10. Til Death (Live – House Of Blues – San Diego)
  11. Don’t Care (Live – Club Red – Phoenix)
  12. Chopped In Half-Turned Inside Out (Live – The Ritz Ybor – Tampa)
  13. Slowly We Rot (Live – Revolution Live – Fort Lauderdale)

Label: Relapse Records

Genre: Death Metal

Releae Date EU: October 21st, 2016

CD review OBITUARY "Ten Thousand Ways to Die"
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