(8/10) Ray Wilson was quite busy over the last few months. After having released the acoustic "Songs for a Friend" album around summer this year the singer with the extraordinary voice is back with his sixth studio album.

It seems that Wilson found his place by running his solo project. Having reached a wider group of rock fans  being the frontman of Stiltskin and Genesis, Wilson is focussing on solo material since quite a while. With those solo records Wilson built up a very solid fanbase that is growing with each album. And eventhough Wilson didn't get the big spotlight it's his music that is fascinating. It might even be that these two things have an interdependency since it gives Wilson space to breath combined with a huge musical independence.

The new longplayer "Makes Me Think of Home" includes ten songs that are rocking, soulful, reflecting and last but not least authentic. The latter is very much supported by sometimes very personal lyrics which are partly touching and partly leading to a smile on the listener's face.

The album begins soft and melancholic with a song called "They Never Should Have Send You Roses". "The Next Life" is a soulful one too, as so many on this emotional record. It's about the Wilsons' producer and co-writer having had a stroke during the recordings of this album and it comes with the message of cleaning up before it's too late.

There are songs that are about relations, with all the good and sad, but there is also a tune called "Amen to That" which is a rather positive one of a guy escaping from the stressful city life moving into a house in Scottish Highlands for re-finding himself.

More towards the end Wilson introduces the listener to imaginative life by looking on it with the eyes of a child. "Calvin and Hobbes" got the name from the comic strip, which acted as inspiration for Scott Spencer who wrote this track while "The Spirit", with its Western touch, rounds off an album that isn't for headbangers. It's more for people that are searching for a soulful moment i a stressful life.

Wilson's newest album is a continuation of what the guy from Scotland started in 2001. Good music for people that love well-crafted and down-to-earth rock music.





  1. They Never Should Have Sent You Roses
  2. The Next Life
  3. Tennessee Mountain
  4. Worship the Sun
  5. Makes me Think of Home
  6. Amen to That
  7. Anyone Out There
  8. Don't Wait For Me
  9. Calvin and Hobbes
  10. The Spirit


Label: Jaggy D

Genre: Rock

Release Date EU: October 7th, 2016



CD review RAY WILSON "Makes Me Think of Home"
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