(8/10) One of the hardrock bands that became quite successful during the nineties was Tyketto from New York City. Danny Vaughn and his gang released the debut "Don't Come Easy" in 1991 followed by two more studio releases. Then, after having published "Take out & Served up Live" it became silent around the band and it took till 2004 to welcome Tyketto back on stage for a reunion tour. Another eight years later a next studio album saw the light of day and as we speak "Reach" reaches out to you.

The newest kid in town comes with twelve hardrock songs, performed in a line-up that contains with Vaughn and Clayton two original band members. The trio is supported by Chris Green (g) (since 2014),Ged Rylands who joined in 2012 and Chris Childs, who joined recently.

I was curiously looking forward to this album since it's sometimes feathers, sometimes chicken with these revitalised bands from the earlier days of hardrock and metal. In this case it's for sure chicken since Tyketto releases an album that is filled with pretty cool hardrockers that find the sweet spot between hard, catchy and melodic.

Tyketto unveils a dynamic I haven't expected. The title track is a heavy punch, "Big Money" is grooving rocker and "The Fastest Man Alive" isn't that fast as the title promises, a fact that doesn't matter since the track is built on a cool rhythm.

Even ballads like "Letting Go", a song the reminded me of Mr. Big, belongs to the cool stuff on this album. The tune isn't rocket science but it come with an easily remembered melody that sticks.

The closer "The Run" belongs to the best songs on the album. It starts acoustic and you get the feeling of facing another ballad. This impression fades away after one minute when the songs builds up to a forceful rocker that sounds real, passionate and honest.

I'm positively surprised by this release, an album that will probably will follow me in the coming months.





  1. Reach
  2. Big Money
  3. Kick Like a Mule
  4. Circle the Wagons
  5. I Need it Now
  6. Tears Down the Sky
  7. Letting Go
  8. The Fastest Man Alive
  9. Remember My Name
  10. Sparks Will Fly
  11. Scream
  12. The Run


Label: Frontiers Music

Genre: Hardrock

Release Date EU: October 14th, 2016


CD review TYKETTO "Reach"
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