When death metal and grindcore started in the mid 80's things began slow, but not easy. And it wasn't a silent start either. These extreme styles in heavy metal have been like a blast wthin the existing metal scene, adding a new shade to heavy music.

Author Albert Mudrian took these genres and did a deep dive into the history of death metal and gringcore. The result is an impressing book that starts with the very early days when hardcore, metal and ounk merged to a new sound that grew over time.

The new version of "Choosing Death" is a entirely re-worked version that includes three extra chapters which mean 100 additional pages. A nice xtra comes at the end when a discogrpahy lists the most influencial longplayers - starting with Possessed's "Seven Churches" up to records like Hate Eternal' "Infernus" from 2015.

All in all this book is well-done, fact-based and entertaining. If you always wanted to know more about the roots and the history of death metal and grindcore, then you should read this book that could be a nice Christams present too.


"Choosing Death - Die unglaubliche Geschichte von Death Metal und Grindcore geht weiter.."

I.P. Verlag

Release Date EU: September 19th, 2016

376 pages and 399 photos/illustrations


"Choosing Death - Die Unglaubliche Geschichte von Death Metal und Grindcore geht weiter..."
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