(8/10) It was back in 2013 when Night Demon released their first EP called "Night Demon". This disc featured four wild and furious heavy metal songs, all build on traditional metal with some Maiden-influences. Read here if you want to have more insights.

However, Shadow Kingdom decided to release this debut in a tape version which underlines the oldschool expression of the guys. And since the label didn't want to stick to the four songs only, there are with "Axe Crazy" and "Lightning to the Nation" two new studio songs on the tape, the latter being a Diamond Head cover version that sounds pretty good. Last but not least there are two live songs on this tape that have been recorded during Night Demon's first live show. The sound is not better than simple bootleg quality, but it's fun to listen to it.

To sum up, it's great to have this album available as a tape version and it's cool to get two more Night Demon songs. If it's a 'must have'  I'm not sure, but it's for sure more than just a collectors item for real metalheads.





  1. Night Demon
  2. The Chalice
  3. Ancient Evil
  4. Ritual
  5. Axe Crazy
  6. Lightning to the Nations
  7. Radar Love (1st live gig)
  8. Ritual (1st live gig)


Label: Shadow Kingdom

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: October 30st, 2016

TAPE review NIGHT DEMON "Night Demon"
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