(8/10) I guess that this review isn’t of great interest for some of my readers since it’s about a punk band from Germany that sings in their 1st language – German. However, this new album “Doofgesagte leben laenger” came out of leftfield and I was more than surprised when I heard about it. Actually it was coincidentally that I notice this release while searching for something else on the web.

Abstuerzende Brieftauben is a German punkrock band that had their peak moments in the eighties and especially in the beginning if the nineties. They were part of a fun-punk era in Germany that also included bands like Schliessmuskel, Die Mimmi’s and Walter Elf. Abstuerzende Brieftauben belonged to the more successful ones with having longplayers in the German LP charts. The music was/is kept quite simple with a few chords and the lyrics include a lot of fun, partly based on a serious background. In the end it was/is, it was more about ‘having fun at a teenage age’ rather than about ‘no future’. I liked the band in the past and I guess that’s why I was so happy to hear new stuff.

The guys disbanded in 1997 and it felt like a chapter that’s being closed, a thought that got even stronger by the sad news of founding member Konrad K. who passed away in 2006.

In the meantime we are 10 years further down the road and Mirco, the second founding member of the Abstuerzende Brieftauben, teamed-up with Olli and these two guys released realized a comeback of the band that sounds pretty good.

In the beginning I was doubting if I should listen to the record since sometimes these kind of albums aren’t exciting; often it’s not more than an attempt to re-vitalize great times. But, “Doofgesagte leben laenger” is surprisingly good. Mirco and Olli blew some new life into the Tauben and each of the tracks reflects the band with 100%. The songs are as simple as in the earlier days and the lyrics are mostly with a twinkle in the eye. But even though there is always humor connected to each of the tracks, most of them come with a serious background, an thing that shifted a bit from old to new. “Freiheit stirbt” is about the proliferation of capitalism, “No future” is about punks that became Boeotian over time and the most important track is named “Nie Wieder Pegida”, a clear signal against fascists.

Maybe the first half of the album became a bit better than the second part. Anyhow, “Doofgesagte leben laenger” is a big surprise and I hope that the guys get the attention they deserve. It’s entertaining music and who knows, maybe the Abstuerzenden Brieftauben gain some new fans even outside Germany.





  1. Das Grauen Teil 3
  2. Ausschlafen
  3. Pieke Punk
  4. Lindener Girls
  5. Freiheit stribt
  6. Nie Wieder Pegida
  7. No Future war gestern
  8. Keine Termine
  9. Der Roadie Job is gar nicht so einfach wie man denkt
  10. Tim Buktu
  11. Pause
  12. Die Blumen sind fuer sie Herr Polizist
  13. Weisst du was du mich mal kannst
  14. Im Garten sind Moerder
  15. Die Tauben kommen
  16. Vorbei


Label: Weserlabel

Genre: Punkrock

Release Date DE: September 23rd, 2016


CD review ABSTUERZENDE BRIEFTAUBEN "Doofgesagte leben laenger"
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