(7/10) Albez Duz, hailing from Berlin, are described as being an 'occult rock band'. I honestly don't know where this description comes from but it was really misleading for me. I have to admit that I missed the band so far and after reading the info sheet I expected something else than what came out of my speakers.
The sound of Albez Duz has not a lot to do with rock music, these guys are into pure raw metal that is dark and menacing.
The band can look back on a ten year history, being founded 2006 by Eugen Herbst. What was a one man project in the beginning develped into a steady band that also includes Alfonso Brito as singer.
And talking about him also means talking about the unique vocals on this album. I guess that opinions differ on this topic. The album begins with "The Uprising" which starts with a kind a short intro before a slow riff adds a lot of darkness to the tune. Slowly and mean the song rolls onwards. Brito's voice fits perfect to this kind of music since he has an expressional style. Also handling a wide range, from clean vocals to growls, makes things on "Wings of Tzinacan" even heavier. The only thing which isn't that great in my opinion is the sound. The vocals sound a bit muffled and I guess it was wished. However, it takes away parts of the basic power.

Songs in average are lengthy with some exceptions. "Innocent Gate" it one of them. It's an atmospheric piece of music that, with the organ in the background, brings the Type O'Negative vibe back. And last bit not least there's "Tzinacan's Rising" which is an almost light-hearted intermezzo that creates a well-placed counterpart to the rest of the song on this release.

In the end I must say that Albez Duz delivers a solid album that will be loved by fans of dark metal. It's brutal and melancholic, all in one.  If you miss Typ O Negative you should check out this longplayer.





  1. The Uprising
  2. Reflections
  3. Our Lord the Flayed One
  4. Innocence Gate
  5. Sacred Flame
  6. Tzinacan's Rising
  7. Death Whistle
  8. Omen Filled Season


Label: Listenable Records

Genre: Dark Metal

Release Date EU: October 21st, 2016

CD review ALBEZ DUZ "Wings of Tzinacan"
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