(*/10) British rock outfit FM started three decades ago with releasing their debut called "Indiscreet". Many more records followed and FM became a constant factor in rock music - at least up till 1995 when they disbanded. Having found together more then 10 years later brought more good FM longplayers up to surface, but it was the debut that the guys always had in mind as an interesting thing to redo. There was the wish to newly record the album, using modern production techniques and giving the nine songs a new appeal.

For the 30st anniversary FM made this 'dream' come true with "Indiscreet 30". This version is entirely re-recorded. The songs got a real facelift which leads to more dynamic and a powerful sound.

This might be already enough for true FM fans to go for the album. However, to makes things more exciting FM added with "Running on Empty" a new song to this longplayer. It's a typical FM rocker, reflecting AOR as it should sound like. With "Let Love be the Leader" the record comes with another new recording and also the acoustic version of "That Girl" found a spot on the tracklist.

"Indiscreet 30" became a comprehensive package that will be appreciated by FM collectors - not more and not less.





  1. That Girl
  2. Other Side Of Midnight
  3. Love Lies Dying
  4. I Belong To The Night; American Girls
  5. Hotwired
  6. Face To Face
  7. Frozen Hear
  8. Heart Of The Matter
  9. Let Love Be The Leader (Bonus)
  10. Running On Empty (Bonus)
  11. Rainbow's End (Bonus)
  12. Shot In The Dark (Bonus)
  13. Bad That's Good In You (Bonus)
  14. Love & Hate (Bonus)
  15. That Girl (Acoustic Version)


Label: Frontiers Music

Genre: Hardrock

Release Date EU: November 4th, 2016

CD review FM "Indiscreet 30"
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