(7/10) Heartbanger is a nice wordplay and it describes the music of this Barcelona-based project, very well. Xavi Mendez and his project is more about the heart than about headbanging. Instead of raw riffing the guy puts their focus on some nicely done melodies that aren’t all new but showing some potential.

After a short intro it’s "The Last Chance Night" that makes it clear from the beginning: Heartbanger is into AOR. Mendez and the other project members do a good job in a genre that doesn't leave a lot of space for experiments.

"You Came on Time" is the second number and it follows the same direction - of course. With some female vocals the song has a touch of Heart without reaching the extraordinary class of the Wilson sisters. However, it's a good one that’s followed by “Through the Dark”, the song Tony Mills enriches with his voice.

The title song comes with a more bombastic sound before "Always Remembered" has the appeal of a Foreigner ballad. In this case it's a melodic instrumental that's well-crafted - nothing more than that.

"Tierras de Libertad" brings more drama into the picture and "In Heaven" is more of an average track. The light-hearted "Night Drive", another instrumental, ends a longplayer that isn't too bad.

"Through the Dark" is an AOR record that comes with catchy melodies and good hooklines. Mendez and his fellows don't play in the first league (yet), but the album shows some potential that could lead to an exciting future. So far it's a seven point release.





  1. Intro
  2. The Last Chance Night
  3. You Came on Time
  4. Through the Dark
  5. Always Remembered
  6. The Only Thing
  7. Tierras de Libertad
  8. In Heaven
  9. Night Drive (Bonus)


CD review HEARTBANGER "Through the Dark"
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