(8/10) This album came out of left field. Swiss thrash dinosaur Poltergeist is awake again with a new album called "Back to Haunt". V.O. Pulver and his gang could score some decent results back in the beginning of the 90's and records like "Depression" and "Behind the Mask" have been well received by metalheads all over the world.

However, Poltergeist disbanded and Pulver started with Gurd a new band that focussed more on groove metal. Now, after a 13 years lasting hiatus, Poltergeist is back with ten new tracks.

The tile track makes a start and one thing is pretty obvious - Poltergeist is back. "Back to Haunt" comes with a merciless push and it looks very much like the guys being hungry again for real metal music.

Some of the songs take a bit before they unveil their full beauty. Especial the vocal lines are more than just wildly placed screams. Even though the riffing is straight-forward the songs contain a certain complexity. This album is a thrash metal mayhem that sometimes reminds of Overkill ("And So it Has Begun") and sometimes I had to think about Poltergeist's compatriots from Drifter.

Vocals, furious leads and a brutal rhythm section, all this are trademarks of Poltergeist and the four-piece managed to anchor them in each of the tracks. There are tunes with a racing speed ("Faith is Gone"), but there is far more. Poltergeist are at their best when they chose a more moderate pace. "Shell Beach" is such a song that is a grooving midpace tune with an awesome screaming guitar.

Time flies while listening to this record and with "Beyond the Realms of Time" the end is in sight. Seven minutes of creative thrash metal, that's what the closer stands for. What begins slow and oppressive shifts towards a riff monster that could lead to severe neck problems due to intensive headbanging.

"Back to Haunt" became an album that contains oldschool thrash metal which sounds fresh and dynamic. This comeback is surprising, not only because I couldn't really imagine a new Poltergeist album. It's the quality of songs and production that makes this longplayer a real important one in 2016. Thrash metal fans should definitely check-out this thrash attack. Welcome back Poltergeist.





  1. Back To Haunt
  2. Gone And Forgotten
  3. Patterns In The Sky
  4. And So It Has Begun
  5. When The Ships Arrive
  6. The Pillars Of Creation
  7. Faith Is Gone
  8. Flee From Today
  9. Shell Beach
  10. Beyond The Realms Of Time


Label: Pure Steel Records

Genre: Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: October 21st, 2016

CD review POLTERGEIST "Back to Haunt"
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