(8/10) It was in 2015 when Irish pagan metal band Primordial played a show at the well-established Band Your Head festival in Balingen, Germany. If I counted right it was the band's second appearance after having played there already three years earlier.

This time Primordial didn't play the open air stage. The guys from Dublin performed at the Messehalle which gave the set a darker and more intensive environment, something the bands music is benefiting a lot. Even though you can't visually experience this on CD and vinyl, it still impacted the peformence and the vibe of the eleven songs performed that night.

The start of the show is a silent and melodic one with an underlaying malevolence that's slowly rising. "Gods to the Godless" is not only the name giver for this live album, it's also the first song played during this 80 minutes long set. The opener goes back to the early days of the band, followed by two songs from the latest studio output from the Celtic metal band. The melancholic "Babel's Tower" and the heavy pounding "Where Greater Men Have Fallen" are good stuff of recent date.

Another benfit is the production of this album that is done very well. "Gods to the Godless" sounds real. It comes across as an album that didn't went through a lot of adjustments and tuning afterwards. It gives the listener an authentic feeling of this live show, something a record like this should deliver.

"Gods to the Godless" is Primordial's second live album and since the setlist of the recorded show in Balingen was quite different from the songs that are perpetuated on "All Empires Fall", this release also makes a lot of sense. It gives a great overview on the more recent Primordial songs.

This live album is a great x-mas gift for Primordial fans and it's a collection of great songs of the Dublin-based band that give new fans a good idea of the band's creative work so far.





  1. Gods to the Godless
  2. Babels Tower
  3. Where Greater Men Have Fallen
  4. No Grave Deep Enough
  5. As Rome Burns
  6. The Alchemists Head
  7. Bloodied Yet Unbowed
  8. The Coffin Ships
  9. Heathen Tribes
  10. Wield Lightning to Split the Sun
  11. Empire Falls


Label: Metal Blades

Genre: Pagan Metal

Release Date EU: November 25th, 2016

CD review PRIMORDIAL "Gods to the Godless - Live at BYH 2015"
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