(8/10) Quicksand Dream's history is an interesting one. The band from Sorberge, Sweden started in 1988 as Epic Irea, releasing some demos and having been part of a compilation. After renaming into Quicksand Dream things got off the ground quite slowly. It took the band till 2000 to get their debut to a level that it could be released. Sixteen years later (yes, no typo) the sophomore album “Beheaded Tyrants” hit the shelfs of the stores, including six tracks that are unexpectedly good.

Quicksand Dream plays epic metal. The roots are in traditional metal that includes some doom elements as well. The guys position themselves somewhere between Black Sabbath and the eighties Manilla Road, but there's also some earlier Fates Warning that shimmers through. The songs are built on some heavy riffs and a pounding rhythm section, a solid base for Quicksand Dream’s sound. This could go for quite some bands but the way how these guys use these elements to create creepy soundscapes and an epical atmosphere is really exciting for metalheads that call the earlier mentioned bands to their faves.

And as it goes with this kind of music there’s a melancholic expression weaved in each of the six tracks, something that adds some dark shades to each of the tunes.

Epic metal seems to gain some ground in these days. Cirith Ungol published a re-release the other day and also bands like Manilla Road are very much present, not to forget the later generation of epic metal bands such as While Heaven Wept. Quicksand Dreams is another player in the fields of doomy epic metal and they belongs to the exciting ones too. Horns up and I wouldn't be surprised finding the band's name on the next Keep It True billing.





  1. Daughters of Eve
  2. Cloud of Screams
  3. The Shadow That Bleeds
  4. The Girl from the Island
  5. White Flames on Black Water
  6. To Kill Beneath the Sun


Label: Cruz Del Sur Music

Genre: Epic Metal

Release Date: November 18th, 2018

CD review QUICKSAND DREAM "Beheaded Tyrants'
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