(7/10) It was in the meantime 15 years ago when Morten Veland started Sirenia after having left his former band Tristania. Sirenia hails from Stavanger, Norway and has released seven albums with “Dim Days of Dolor” being the eighth strike of the quartet.

The interesting thing with this album is, in what way Emmanuelle Zoldan, the new singer that replaced Ailyn, influenced Sirenia’s sound. What becomes obvious during the first tracks is that she was a great recruitment. She has a wide vocal range that is powering a lot and with her opera background she reminds of Tarja , something that fits very well to Sirenia’s more symphonic metal.

The longplayer starts in an imposing way. “Goddess of the Sea” shows immediately what Zoldan’s voice means for Sirenia’s sound. Next to her well-done vocals there are some heavy riffs dominating the scene and last but not least there are the catchy melodies to mention too. All this together leads to a dramatic tune that sets the scene for the other tracks.

I guess that the band also listened to some Within Temptation recently, since the title track comes with certain cross-references to the Dutch masters of female fronted symphonic metal. However, the song belongs to the winners on this album, something I can’t say for “Treasure n’Teason”. The band goes for the same approach, but the track goes much towards pop-metal and also the mighty choral part doesn’t change this impression. A bit too sticky and trivial, that’s what it is.

Things lose some fascination along the way. The longer the album rotates in my player the more I get the feeling that I’ve heard things earlier. The quality stays still high, but it’s a certain cookie-cutter approach that shimmers through.

I song that’s slightly different from the rest though is named “Veil of Winter” which comes with a male-female vocals duet; something that makes it to a more exciting one.

“Dim Says of Dolor” belongs to this group of records that sound good while missing the final ‘wow factor’. I would say that fans of the four Norwegians will also fall in love with “Dim Days of Dolor”. A solid release on a good level with a few missing peaks.





  1. Goddess of the Sea
  2. Dim Days of Dolor
  3. The 12th Hour
  4. Treasure n’Treason
  5. Cloud Nine
  6. Veil of Winter
  7. Ashes to Ashes
  8. Elusive Sun
  9. Playing with Fire
  10. Fifth Column
  11. Aeon’s Embrace


Label: Napalm Records

Genre: Symphonic Metal

Release Date EU: November 11th, 2016


CD review SIRENIA “Dim Days of Dolor”
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