(6/10) To be honest, I haven’t heard about Stiffy Jones before and I had to get myself up to speed when it comes to the outfit from Scandinavia. This four-piece band was founded in 2005 in Stockholm and it’s Johan Keskitalo (v/g), Calle Sällström(v/g), Patrik Hillerhag (d) and Janne Reijonen (b) that releases with “Narrow Road of Memories” their next album. It’s actually their second release after having had the debut in the record stores in 2012, followed by an EP in 2015.

The guys describe their music as mixture of rock music and punk rock. Influences from bands like Clash up to Foo Fighters are obvious, all embedded in songs that show enough individuality. Stiffy Jones doesn’t score with a very unique sound and they also don’t re-invent rock music. There biggest strength is passion and dedication for what they are doing which makes the album sounding fresh and vivid.

“Narrows Road of Memories” is probabaly not a ‘must have’, but it’s a solid piece of rock music with a certain ounk attitude that makes it to a well done soundtrack for a some good time moments.





  1. Once This Car Starts Moving...
  2. Disconnect Me
  3. Broken Bottles & Empty Hearts
  4. Echoes
  5. Drag Me Down
  6. Ken Lee
  7. Glasshouse
  8. Last Night
  9. Whatever
  10. What If We Don´t
  11. Shotgun
  12. Circus


Label: Sound Pollution

Genre: Alternative Rock

Release Date EU: October 28th, 2016

CD review STIFFY JONES "Narrow Road of Memories"
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