American crossover punks Iron Reagan are planning the release of their next album. "A Dying World", that's the title of the longplayer and here is the tracklist:

01. A Dying World
02. You Never Learn
03. Grim Business
04. Dead With My Friends
05. No Sell
06. Condition Evolution
07. Fuck the Neighbors
08. Power of the Skull
09. Crossover Ministry
10. More War
11. Blatant Violence
12. Parents of Tomorrow
13. Bleed the Fifth
14. Megachurch
15. Shame Spiral
16. Dogsnotgods
17. Eat or be Eaten
18. Twist Your Fate


The album will hit the shelfs on February 3rd and comes via Relapse Records.

New IRON REAGAN album in February
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