(5/10) Saarbruecken isn't the epicentre of German heavy metal and also AC Angry will not change it.

However, AC Angry has this bold and roaring hardrock sound that goes right into your veins. This sound is like a forceful running engine that transfers the maximum power. I was reminded of bands like AC/DC, D.A.D and Zodiac Mindwarp. This goes for the music. All this leads to a well done street attitude that comes with the music."I Hate AC Angry" is the fast opener and a good prove for above's statement. This song fires on all cylinders and represents the album very well. AC angry plays metal that is the musical version of beer and gasoline. 

What is totally outdated are the lyrics that might fit to this kind of music, however titles like "Appetite For Erection" and "The Balls are Back in Town" (what a funny wordplay that we have never seen before in metal) might lead to some excitement for teens handling their first pimples but in the end feels like a very much forced 'fun factor'. The same goes for the artwork that is really a 'revolutionary' one. Actually all this is a pity since, as mentioned, the musical aspect of this longplayer is pretty good.

To sum up, "Appetite For Erection" contains good songs, a pounding rhythm, heavy guitars, a pubertal artwork and lyrics that are just stupid. 





  1. I Hate AC Angry
  2. 4TW
  3. No Way to Go But Down
  4. I Wanna Hurt Somwbody
  5. Appetite For Erection
  6. Son of a Motherfucker's Son
  7. The Balls are Back in Town
  8. Take You Shake You Break You
  9. Cry Idiot, Cry
  10. Testosterone


Label:  SPV/Steamhammer

Genre: Proll Rock

Release Date EU: November 25th, 2016

CD review AC ANGRY "Appetite for Erection"
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