(8/10) Some blues rock from Ireland? Why not. What Boneyard Dog delivers with their new longplayer is fine stuff that’s a real treat for each rock fan’s ears.

The band was founded by Rob Mancini and guitarist Davy Kerrigan not more than a year ago. The guys formed a group that also consists out of drummer Ron Wilsko and also Tony Carey joined the Boneyard Dogs half way through the writing of the debut.

The songs these guys put on “Bluesbound Train” was worth every effort. Each of the songs sounds fresh and soulful. The blues roots are present from beginning to end, supported by a warm and organic sound that gives each of the tracks the right vibe.

Nice that this longplayer starts with the sizzling sound of vinyl before the intro “Atchafayalla” leads you to the midpace groover called “Mother Lode”. One of the real highlights on this album is the emotional ballad “Lonely Road”, a song that brings sentimental moments also to the hardest metalhead.

The more western-style approach comes with “Hundred Guns”. “Lay Down the Law” belongs to the heavy tunes on the album with down tuned guitars and a might pumping bassline. Another soulful ballad (“Hell and Back”) gives you a moment to breathe before “Heartbreaker” marks another highlight on this longplayer. “Boneyard Dog” rounds off the album and is another cool track that comes with a lot of blues. These four guys know how it works.

“Bluesbound Train” became an excellent blues rock album that comes without any lapse. Each of the twelve songs is worth to be on this record, an album that belongs to the positive surprises. In case Joe Bonamassa is looking for a good opening act, here it is.





  1. Atchafayalla
  2. Mother Lode
  3. Kingdom of Your Company
  4. Lonely Road
  5. Hundred Guns
  6. Bluesbound Train
  7. Paid my Dues
  8. Lay Down the Law
  9. Hell and Back
  10. Heartbreaker
  11. Fire Down Below
  12. Boneyard Dog


Label: AOR Heaven

Genre: Classic Blues Rock

Release Date EU: November 25th, 2016

CD review BONEYARD DOG "Bluesbound Train"
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