(8/10) "Master of Light" is one of these records that you shouldn't judge based on the artwork. I'm not sure who did this 'special' drawing that decorates Freedom Calls latest studio release, however, it's the only real downer on this longplayer.

Freedom Call aren't a new player. The guys from Bavaria, Germany started in 1998 and since then the four-piece released many records, with "Master of Light" as being their ninth output. If you expect many crazy new ideas on this longplayer I have to disappoint you. The guys do what they do best, writing and playing highly melodic metal tracks with a very positive vibe.

"Master of Light" comes with songs that are straight-forward, bombastic and full of well-done hooks. Chris Bay and his gang have a sense for big melodies that are the common thread from beginning to end, it's the glue that keeps the songs together. 

Sometimes things get a bit faster, like with "A World Beyond", and there are other moments when the band stays in bombastic midpaced sounds ("Masters of Light"). Talking about the title track, Freedom Call are obviously Metallica fans, at least you get this impression while listening to the 'Master, Master' shouts that are embedded in "Masters of Light".

In the very tight framework of the Freedom Call's style the guys try to also move the borders a bit. "Ghost Ballet" is such an undertaking. The tune comes with a modern riff, differently used keyboards and more complex approach. It's nice to see the band experimenting a bit with their sound but it's also a good thing that "Rock the Nation" brings the listener back to known territory with a sing-a-long chorus.

And if as all this wouldn't be enough "Master of Light' includes also a silent song which got the title "Cradle of Angels". This number is a tasteful ballad that is well-crafted. It's not free of cliche, but who cares - it's entertaining and that's what counts with this album.

If you're looking for a positive vibe in a grey world, than "Master of Light" should become a part of your metal collection. This longplayer brings some light into the darkness and should be checked by fans of Helloween, Avantasia and Co.





  1. Metal is Forever
  2. Hammer of the Gods
  3. A World Beyond
  4. Masters of Light
  5. Kings Rise and Fall
  6. Cradle of Angels
  7. Emerald Skies
  8. Hail the Legend
  9. Ghost Ballet
  10. Rock the Nation
  11. Riders in the Sky
  12. High Up


Label: SPV/Steamhammer

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: November 11th, 2016

CD review FREEDOM CALL "Master of Light"
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