(7/10) The other day I received a CD from a band called Goldsmith. Never heard from the guys before and after digging a bit deeper into the origins of Goldsmith I found out that the four-piece from Germany is the brainschild of guitarist Michael Goldschmidt. Funny enough the musician has his homebase just few kilometers away from my hometown.

Goldschmidt, which means Goldsmith in German, is a professional guitarist who went on tour with guys like Bernhard Allison. It was in 2013 when Goldschmidt turned an ambition into reality - he released with "Shut Up & Rock" his debut, followed now by "Fire!".

This sophomore release from the the Swabian guitarist contains nine songs that are all anchored in hardrock and blues. What is eye-catching, or better ear-catching, is the pretty good sound of "Fire!". Recorded in the Neuwerk Studio in Lahr, it was Andre Horstmann and Goldschmidt himself being responsible for a powerful and organic sound that fits the music very well.

A true highlight on this longplayer is called "Higher Sphere" It's a hammering song that is a bit faster-paced, living by the constant competition of six-string and organ. This tune is deeply rooted in classic rock with Goldschmidt adding a contemporary component to it.

Some silent sounds are present on "Fire!" as well. "Longing For Tomorrow" is the Led Zep-like power ballad on this release, a track that is framed by the pounding "See'em Coming" and the catchy closer "What is Our Victory".

"Fire!" is an album that should be checked-out by classic rock passionistas and fans of bands like Deep Purple & Co.. Good stuff or how they say in Swabian 'suber g'macht'.





  1. 59 Seconds to Midnight
  2. Fire!
  3. No Way Outta Here
  4. Higher Sphere
  5. I'm Alive
  6. I See'em Comin'
  7. Longing For Tomorrow
  8. Caught in a Lie
  9. What is Our Victory?


Label: N13 Records

Genre: Hardrock

Release Date EU: August 18th, 2016

CD review GOLDSMITH "Fire!"
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