(9/10) I guess the day No Remorse signed Lord Vigo was good day. They added with this trio from Germany a real metal pearl to their portfolio, a band that released already their debut via the label. This record was the first sign of a rising star that playes finest doom metal. Lord Vigo stands for slow paced songs that are covered in an intense and dark atmosphere.

The masterpiece of the sophomore album is the title track "Blackborne Souls". It's an emotional eight minutes journey that is exciting from beginning to end. Lord Vigo created the song in a way that it's easy to follow. The various elements - heavy doom passages are interacting with an almost acoustic middle section and some spoken words - increase the intesity of a tune that deserves every second of its length without becoming lengthy. This is more than just playing a song; it feels like Lord Vigo is living this number.
The rest of the eight songs aren't kept much shorter. Lord Vigo celebrates endless darkness with tunes that are positioned somewhere between Type O Negative and Candlemass. 

Lord Vigo isn't afraid of adding hammonds to their sound too. And it fits very well, emphasising the atmosphere like in "The Bloodlust Draws On Me". 

After having released an exciting first disc some months ago, the band was ready for their next strike. This record belongs to the best ones in doom metal since quite a while, an album which feels like the beginning of something big that's on its way. Horns up.





  1. Oh Mother Earth
  2. When the Bloodlust Draws On Me
  3. Great City in the Sky
  4. Blackborne Souls
  5. Blasphemy
  6. Ishrat II - Hail Me, Fire in the Night
  7. For Being Unkown
  8. Eternal Survivor


Label: No Remorse Records

Genre: Doom Metal

Release Date EU: January 13th, 2017

CD review LORD VIGO "Blackborne Souls"
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