(7/10) I'm not really sure what I should think about MF Ruckus sophomore album "Thieves of Thunder". 

The first thing is the artwork since this is another album that proves that you shouldn't rate a longplayer based on the packaging. In my point of view the cover artwork doesn't belong to the milestones in music, to say it politely. However, it is the package for an album that contains 15 songs and 55 minutes of running time. This means already some quantity, but can the quality also convince.

After having listened to the album several times I can answer this question with a 'yes'. MF Ruckus will not win an award for the most innovative release in 2016 but what the guys recorded is solid music that's anchored somewhere between hardrock and metal.

The opener "Gasoline (For my Party Machine)" is a track that's fast and furious. "Coffin Built for Two" is slightly different and includes a certain punk-approach, "You Ain't Nothing Special" includes a well done groove and "We Don't Party" picks up the ingredients used for the opener - wild and to the point. Another tune that's slightly different is the country-like "All My Heroes are in Hell". 

"Thieves of Thunder" is an album that is solid rock and rock solid. MF Ruckus makes use of diverse sources of inspiration from each band member and creates a mixture out of it that is entertaining and giving the listener a good time. A liked what I heard.





  1. Thieves of Thunder
  2. Coffin Built For Two
  3. Hall Of Champions
  4. You Ain´t Nothing Special
  5. Talk All Day (Don´t Say Shit)
  6. Don´t Make Me Hurt You
  7. Tastes Like Bleach
  8. Halfway To the Halfway House
  9. We Don´t Party
  10. Ridin'
  11. Gasoline (For My Party Machine)
  12. Jesus Hellraiser Christ
  13. All My Heroes Are In Hell
  14. Satanotron Rising
  15. Cheatin` Up


Label: Rodeostar

Genre: Hardrock

Release Date EU: October 14th, 2016


CD review MF RUCKUS "Thieves of Thunder"
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