(7/10) “Speed & Violence” is the title of Ranger newest longplayer, featuring ten blistering metal tracks from Finland. Dimi, Miko, Mikael and Ville started their metal adventure back in 2008 and a first demo brought them up on the metal agenda in 2009.

Even though there have been some releases in between it took Ranger till 2015 to publish their debut called “Where Evil Dwells”. It was a solid album that contained songs that are positioned somewhere between speed metal and the NWoBHM. Both styles for sure inspired the band and also the new album is build on these favorites.

Twelve months later the sophomore record gets shipped to the record shops, an album that contains the next chapter of Ranger’s story. There isn’t that much that is changed. The four-piece from Helsinki is still following their passion for fast metal without frills, the screams of singer Dimi are still present all over the place and a cross-reference to Agent Steel can't be denied.

There might be a bit of a diversification when it comes to songs like “Without Warning”. The bassline in the beginning could be from Motorhead while the way the song’s arranged reminds partly of Overkill in their early days.

Range will not win an innovation award with this longplayer but they’re providing solid metal that includes lifeblood and a true metal approach. All in all it’s good stuff for metal maniacs that love oldschool headbanging stuff.





  1. Intro
  2. Speed & Violence
  3. Without Warning
  4. Demon Wind
  5. Lethal Force
  6. Satanic Panic
  7. Evil Barrier
  8. Night Slasher
  9. Shock Troops
  10. Last Breath


Label: Spinefarm

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: December 2nd, 2016

CD review RANGER "Speed & Violence"
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