(9/10) This album is epic and brutal. What became apparent on the debut is now gets proved again by Ultha's sophomore release "Converging Sins". What the guys from Cologne recorded for this longplayer is actually the opposite of a light-hearted Cologne carneval sphere. This album presents the city along the Rhine river in pitch black.
"Converging Sins" is an album that comes with a running time of one hour by only featuring five songs. Each of these tracks is lengthy and three even cross the ten minutes finishing line.
It's the opener that is exemplary for the other four songs on this release. "The Night took her Away Right Before My Eyes" starts gloomy with some reflecting and silent vocals. The entire first section acts as an unholy prophecy when it comes to the rest of the album.
After a bit more than three minutes the tune turns into a furious black metal song with a peak of despair as soon as the screeching vocals joins this acoustic inferno. If there is a soundtrack in hell I guess it sounds like this song/album.
Composing black metal songs which are that lengthy is a challenge and it could end up in a boring repetitive one. Not in this case. Ultha adds many smaller elements, like e.g. breaks and growls, to this epos. It's them keeping the level of tension and excitement high - from beginning to end.
As said, this is just one song out of five but it gives a good idea about what to expect. The other tunes follow a similar pattern without being done with a cookie-cutter approach. "Mirrors in a Black Room" shines by the additional female vocals and "You Will Learn About Loss" is a merciless headbanger that puts a spell on you.
Ultha's second longplayer might be no unique milestone but it's one of the most complete and intense black metal records I've heard since quite a while. "Converging Sins" is a benchmark release when it comes to intense contemporary black metal. A highlight covered in darkness.





  1. The Night Took Her Away Right Before My Eyes
  2. Mirrors in a Black Room
  3. Athame - Bane Emanations
  4. You Will Learn About Loss
  5. Fear Lights the Path (Close to Our Hearts)


Label: Vendetta
Genre: Black Metal
Release Date EU: November 25, 2016

CD review ULTHA "Coverging Sin"
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