(6/10) I guess that YouDash from Poland are fans from Swedish extreme metal outfit Meshuggah, at least you could get this impression while listening to the band's debut "Astrophobia". The four-piece from Poland came into the picture in 2012 when the the guys released a first EP, follow by another one in 2013.

"Astrophobia" marks the first full-length longplayer of the quartet and it contains songs that could be described as progressive death metal. Like said in the beginning, some influences of bands like Meshuggah can't be denied, allthough YouDash doesn't reach the genius level of the guys from Umeå.

"Astrophobia" is wild and furious. It's a raging sound attack that reaches your ears and mind, maybe leading to some astonishment. This album contains eight musical bulldozers that are rolling over everything that comes in their way.  There are some moments to breathe, like in the middle part of "Celestial Phenomena". These sections are rare but well-placed though.

All in all I have to conclude that "Astophobia" became a solid album that's interesting for fans of the mention Swedish math metallers and also supporters of bands like The Dillinger Escape Plan might enjoy this longplayer. Wild, solid and unbound.





  1. Astrophobia (Intro)      
  2. Celestial Phenomena     
  3. Hunting Among The Stars   
  4. Deathstar        
  5. Devouring Cell 
  6. Astral Anxiety 
  7. Force Guide
  8. Strip Tease (Acid Drinkers cover, feat. Uappa Terror)


Label: Deformeathing Production


Genre: Extreme Metal


Release Date EU: December 16th, 2016

CD review YOUDASH "Astrophobia"
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