(8/10) It was in 2009 when German metal legend Accept returned on stage and I can remember having seen them live at one of their first shows in Uden, Netherlands around the same time (I think is was in spring 2010). The guys built their set mainly on old classics with, if I have it right in mind, two new songs (Pandemic” and “Teutonic Terror”). It was impressive to see them in such a small venue that was turned into a madhouse by the German metal dinosaurs.

In the meantime we're seven years further down the road with Accept releasing three great studio albums. With these new songs plus a backpack full of excellent classics it was the right moment in time for recording a new live album/DVD. The scenery was easily found. Accept played a headliner show on the 2015 Bang Your Head festival, which was chosen to be the one for this live album.

Considering the fact that guitarist Uwe Lulis and drummer Christopher Williams joined the band shortly before it, was a brave decision to record this headliner show. It wasn't less than the first gig of the two new band members in Germany. But in case there have been some concerns beforehand, the show and the live release proves that potential doubts were without any reason.

Accept nailed down an energetic and heavy show that included everything a fan could ask for. “Fast as a Shark”, Metal Heart” and “Restless and Wild” have been excessively celebrated by the crown and also the new stuff (“Stampede”, "Dying Breed”,..) fit perfectly into the setlist.

Of course it was the ‘big three’ that stood a bit more in the focus. Tornillo is more than just a singer. He’s a real front man and entertainer. Next to that it's Hoffmann’s riffs and solos that are more than just an ingredient for the bands sound, it’s Accept’s signature. Breathtaking also the duel between Baltes and Hoffmann during “No Shelter” and it goes without saying that fans sang enthusiastically during “Princess of the Dawn”.

“Restless and Live” brings an Accept headliner show right into your living room, a concert that was done by a band that played tight and powerful. Like mentioned earlier, worries about recording a show with two new band members were blown away with the first riff blown into Balingen’s evening sky.

The album title includes ‘restless’. The band is restless and there is no end in sight, which is good news for 2017 and the years to come.





  1. Stampede
  2. Stalingrad
  3. London Leatherboys
  4. Restless and Wild
  5. Dying Breed
  6. Final Journey
  7. Shadow Soldiers
  8. Losers and Winners
  9. 200 Years
  10. Midnight Mover
  11. No Shelter
  12. Princess of the Dawn
  13. Dark Side of My Heart
  14. Pandemic
  15. Fast as a Shark
  16. Metal Heart
  17. Teutonic Terror
  18. Balls to the Walls


Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: January 13th, 2017

DVD review ACCEPT "Restless and Live"
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