(6/10) Ashenspire is a Scottish metal outfit, releasing a new album beginning of February. The band is into avangarde black metal which is the base for each of the seven new songs on “Speak not of the Laudanum Quandary”. It’s the debut of the four piece and it’s a bit of a mixed bag. On the one hand the record creates quite some emotional depth and each of the seven songs is well-crafted. Also from a variation-standpoint there is nothing wrong with the album. Including violins brings already a non-mental element into the entire sound setup and also an interaction between harsh guitars, fragile piano sections and desperate screams is a combination that might not be new, but leads to the expressed emotional journey the listener joins during this hour.

Now comes the ‘but’. Some of the sounds on “Speak not of the Laudanum Quandary” are really bizarre, stretching things a bit too much. The second thing is that the tunes as well as the album are too lengthy. I found myself more than once in the situation of being tempted to use the ‘skip’ button. I’m aware that these things are more subjective than objective, but it is what it is.

“Speak not of the Laudanum Quandary” is a longplayer that will create some excitement among some metal fans but it’s far away from catering for a bigger crowd. Ashenspire fills in a niche in metal and they do this quite good.





  1. Restless Giant
  2. The Wretched Mills
  3. Mariners at Perdition’s Lighthouse
  4. Grievous Bodily Harmonie
  5. A Beggar’s Belief
  6. Fever Sheds
  7. Speak not of the Laudanum Quandary


Label: Code 666

Genre: Avangarde Black Metal

Release Date EU: January 20st, 2017

CD review ASHENSPIRE “Speak not of the Laudanum Quandary”
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