(7/10) “As Was” is the newest output of New York City based Black Anvil and as with the predecessor the band adds another leg to their raging journey through the entire spectrum of blackened thrash metal. The new longplayer contains eight songs of which most became epically long. The only exception is the more quiet instrumental “The Way of all Flesh”, which is an acoustic moment of peace on a staggering record that’s fully charged with energy. This two minutes interlude could be seen as an introduction for “Ultra”, the closer on the album. Hypnotic riffs and beats kick-off this number that becomes a slowly rollin’ riff machine that sticks to a basic theme while adding some suspense by well-placed breaks.

Another track that stays below the seven minutes average is “May Her Wrath Be Just”. This song is the one that gets most to the point by being the most puristic one. The other compositions on “As Was” are metal monuments. Black metal and thrash metal are the base for this inflammatory musical melting pot. Black Anvil celebrates the songs on their newest longplayer. Instead of only pushing the pedal to the metal the guys add some atmospheric soundscapes to their songs. “Nothing” is one of them. It’s a harsh black metal monster that becomes less tense by some almost progressive soundscapes in the middle section, followed by some great riffing towards the end.

“As Was” is the most mature Black Anvil album, a record that includes a vicious fascination for the abyss. A pitch-black darkness never included such an ease – a contradiction that gets nullified by this longplayer.





  1. On Forgotten Ways
  2. May Her Wrath be Just
  3. As Was
  4. Nothing
  5. As An Elder Learned Anew
  6. Two Keys: Here's the Lock
  7. The Way of all Flesh
  8. Ultra


Label: Relapse Records

Genre: Blackened Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: January 13th, 2017

CD review BLACK ANVIL "As Was"
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