(6/10) Dead Witches is the brainchild of former Electric Wizard member Mark Greening and singer Virginia Monti. It's these two guys expressing their passion for occult doom metal with a debut entitled 'Ouija'.  

This album isn't exactly news and it also comes with a strange running time. Actually it's with 32 minutes not too long for a full length release. Maybe it's meant as an ambition EP. Who knows, and maybe who cares. 

Let's focus on quality instead. Black Sabbath is doubtless one of the main influencers of Dead Witches. Slow riffs in deep minor key dominate the opener 'Dead' that followed a short intro that reminds of Type O Negative. 'Dead' is a solid song that slowly takes its way and time. Innovation isn't the strength of Dead Witches and variation is also not in pole position. This goes not only for the opener but also for the rest of 'Ouija'.  

At the end of the day I have to say that Dead Witches is another band of Black Sabbath- and Pentagram passionistas that eternalizes their passion for doom metal on a record. 'Ouija' doesn't turn over a new leaf. It's another doomy occult rock release - not more and not less. 

  1. Intro
  2. Dead
  3. Drawing Down the Moon
  4. Ouija
  5. Mind Funeral
  6. Sometimes Dead is Better



Label: Heavy Psych Sounds Records 

Genre: Occult Metal

Release Date EU: January 13th, 2017
CD review DEAD WITCHES 'Ouija'
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