(8/10) Greek guitar virtuoso Gus G. welcomes 2017 with a new album of his band Firewind. “Immortals” is the name of the new disc, which is already number eight in the bands history. The six stringer from Thessaloniki is a real Jack of all trades. The amount of releases with Firewind, Dream Evil, Ozzy Osbourne and Mystic Prophecy during the first decade of the current century is amazing, not to forget all the guest appearances with bands like Arch Enemy,…

When it comes to Firewind it became a bit more silent over the last years. It was five years ago when “Few Against Many” saw the light of day, but January 20st marks the end of silence. “Immortals” comes with ten brand new songs, each of them loud and celebrating real heavy metal.

The new longplayer sounds fresh and dynamic. Due to the five years period the guys had some more time to write new material and bring the sound of Firewind back to the essence. Talking about the songwriting also means to mention Dennis Ward, who, next to engineering, mixing and mastering also earned some credits for co-writing some of the tracks together with Gus.

“Immortals” is a concept album, the first one Firewind ever did. The story is, how could it be different, about ancient Greek history with a focus on the Battle of Thermopylae and Salamis. The concept album tells the story in ten chapters/songs with the title track being a two minutes instrumental.

The other tracks can easily live up the expectation. Firewind fires on all cylinders, embracing heavy metal with each of the numbers they recorded. Of course it’s Gus G.’s riffs and fabulous solos that are the core of this longplayer. But Firewind has more to offer. The Greek guitar wizard belongs to the group of instrumentalists that give enough space for the song itself and the rest of the band. In this case it also means that Henning Basse, known from Metalium and the earlier “Allegiance” release, could do a brilliant job when it comes to vocals, not to forget the hard working rhythm section with Petros Christos (b) and Jo Nunez (d). These two guys are the heartbeat of this metal engine, constantly pushing the band forward.

Overall it’s great to listen to some new stuff of Firewind, an album that stands for a good and metallic start into 2017





  1. Hands Of Time (04:49)
  2. We Defy (03:52)
  3. Ode To Leonidas (05:59)
  4. Back On The Throne (04:03)
  5. Live And Die By The Sword (06:12)
  6. Wars Of Ages (04:05)
  7. Lady Of 1000 Sorrows (04:42)
  8. Immortals (01:57)
  9. Warriors And Saints (04:08)
  10. Rise From The Ashes (04:30)


Label: Century Media

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: January 20st, 2017

CD review FIREWIND "Immortals"
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