(9/10) If you follow my blog for a considerable time you recognized that there are some reviews spread out over the years, featuring bands or artists that might not directly fit into the context of metal. This pattern will not change in 2017 and here comes the first one.

Henning Wehland is a name some of you might know from his time with German crossover pioneers H-Bockx that welcomed quite some attention in the 90’s. Wehland was/is the shouter and frontman of this rock and metal outfit.

The fact that H-Blockx was very much into merging all kinds of musical styles shows Wehland’s passion for different sounds, something he emphasized by joining Söhne Mannheims, a project that’s more settled in pop and soul. Last but not least it's the German edition of "The Voice Kids" within which he was a coach for very young talents.

It was in 2000 when Wehland published his first solo album, a record that’s now followed by the sophomore one “Der Letzte an der Bar”.

This studio output contains fifteen songs, all with German lyrics. Wehland’s new disc has nothing to do with metal and also the crossover days don’t have a deeper impact. “Der Letzte an der Bar” is noit more, but also not less than an awesome rock album. Songs like “Der alten Mann und das Leergut”, a track about the social misbalance in society, reminds of Everlast. It’s a number that belongs to the highlights on an album that is filled with hits. The title track is a cool grooving piece of rock with a lot of intensity. “1001 Umdrehung” kicks of the album that ends with the excellent duet by Wehland with German singer Sarah Connor.

The lyrics are all with a meaning. Wehland addresses the current state of the world (“Anfang vom Ende der Welt”), the state of society (“Räuber und Gendarm” and “Der alten Mann und das Leergut”) and he talks about freedom too (“Frei”).

“Der Letzte an der Bar” is a gorgeous album of a musicians that has passion and dedication for music, combined with his great talent of embedding a message in well-done melodies. I can recommend this album to everybody who’s looking for good songs with a meaning and depth.





  1. 1001 Umdrehung
  2. Der alte Mann und das Leergut
  3. Anfang vom Ende der Welt
  4. Der Affe und ich
  5. Der Freund steckt im Detail
  6. Mein Leben ist der Wahnsinn
  7. Panzer
  8. Der beste Beat der Welt
  9. Geister
  10. Zombie
  11. Räuber und Gendarm
  12. Frei
  13. Tanz um dein leben (feat. LaBrassBanda)
  14. Der Letzte an der Bar
  15. Bonnie & Clyde (feat. Sarah Connor)



Label: Polydor/Island

Genre: Rock

Release Date EU: January 27st, 2017

CD review HENNING WEHLAND "Der Letzte an der Bar"
Tag(s) : #Henning Wehland, #H-Blockx, #Soehne Mannheims, #Rock, #Alternative Rock