(7/10) You're right, this album might not fully fit into a heavy music context. Lo Fat Orchestra is a trio from Switzerland and harsh riffs are something the guys definitely don't include in their sound.

The three guys are more into elektro rock that comes with a certain pop appeal and some alternative rock. Chris Schmid, Roman Staehli and Daniel Zimmermann recorded seven songs and put them on their new output called "Neon Lights". The foundation for each of these tunes is a solid groove. This leads, combined with a good sense for melodies, to songs that could become indie hits on the dancefloor. The range of songs goes from the uptempo "Stop Diggin' the Ground" to the slower-paced "Higher Tower", not to forget the John Lennon cover "Imagine" that got a new arrangement.

Lo Fat Orchestra's reminded me of Mando Diao meets electro meets indie rock. This is a mixture that per se doesn't fit to this blog. Anyhow, for whatever reason a liked what I heard and I thought it's worth to share it with you. In case you're interested in various musical styles, than, and only than, you should check out this album.





  1. Neon Lights
  2. Imagine
  3. Stop Diggin the Ground
  4. Higher Tower
  5. Bankrupt Democracy
  6. Hands are Tied
  7. Te 230


Label: Sounds of Subterrania!

Genre: Elektro Indie Rock

Release Date EU: January 20st, 2017



CD review LO FAT ORCHESTRA "Neon Lights"
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