(8/10) A colleague of mine mentioned Navarone quite a few times and I haven't done anything with this information - up till today. Things changed with getting the new album from Dutch-based rockers.

Navarone is the brainchild of singer Merijn van Haren and guitarist Kees Lewiszong. The guys started under the banner of Overthrow back in 2008. They got some attention from Dutch rock dinosaurs Golden Earring and it was their front man Barry Hay who came with the idea of renaming the band. The initial idea was to call the group The Guns Of Navarone based on a movie with the same title. For some reasons the name got a bit shorter and Navarone became the final header of this five-piece from Nijmegen.

The quintet released already two albums, of which the debut saw the light of day in 2012 followed by the sophomore ‘Vim and Vigor’ in 2014. 'Oscillation’ is the highly anticipated third longplayer that hit the stores a few days ago.

The opener 'Snake' is a good choice. It is a tune that is builds on a very solid rhythm foundation combined with some exciting vocals. A slower and dark verse interacts with a melodic chorus; both irresistible.

Song number two is the constant hammering "Lonely Night" with a heavy drum beat and an exciting chorus. Things get slightly faster with "Showtime" before "Free Together" acts as a counterpart. The acoustic track is belonging to the most emotional songs on this record and is a well-done melancholic ballad. Thumbs up for the silence.

But also grunge isn't unknown with Navarone. "Step by Step" includes some obvious Nirvana cross-references. Just to be clear, we're not talking about a copycat at all. Navarone weaves them into this song that's still 100% covering their own identity.

"Oscillation" is Navarone's third longplayer and it really rocks. The quintet bridges styles between alternative rock, grunge and rock which leads to pretty good songs. I finally understand why the band was recommended to me. This record is a modern and dynamic one that makes fun from beginning to end.





  1. Snake
  2. Lonely Nights
  3. Showtime
  4. Free Together
  5. Soon I'll Be Home
  6. Shadow
  7. Step By Step
  8. Chrome
  9. Unmistakably Everything
  10. Days of Yore
  11. Don't Belong


Label: Rodeostar

Genre: Alternative Rock

Release Date EU: January 20th, 2017

CD review NAVARONE "Oscillation"
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