(9/10) This pride of lions is roaring already since many years. It was in 2003 when former Survivor guitarist/keyboarder Jim Peterik started this outfit together with singer Toby Hitchcock. The debut came to life the same year and the pack got bigger over time. Till this day the band released four studio records. The last disc, “Immortal”, is already celebrating its fifth anniversary and fans were looking forward to some new studio recordings. The waiting time is over.

Pride Of Lions released a new studio album entitled “Fearless”. In total twelve new tracks have been recorded, all reflecting finest AOR. Two things are obvious with the new disc. Peterik & Co. know how solid AOR needs to sound like and they prove that this kind of music that doesn’t need to be sticky sweet only. “Fearless”, which by the way got an excellent sound, combines melody, guitar riffs and catchiness in a great way.

“All I See Is You” is the opener and it’s a ‘wow’-one. This tune is fully charged with energy while still has this ease that is such a crucial part of AOR. This song sets the tone of voice for the entire album that comes without any weak spot.

Tunes like “Silent Music” are well-done rock songs that don’t suffer from cliché. Even though it’s a softer one on “Fearless” it belongs to the good examples in this category. And since Pride Of Lions works very well with arcs of suspense, “Fearless” became highly entertaining. Just take the title track as an example. It’s a hard rocking track that follows the mentioned “Silent Music” and marks a perfect counterpart on the tracklist. Even ballads like “Everlasting Love” are more than a necessity, it’s a nice-to-listen experience for more relaxed moments.

To sum up, “Fearless” is an excellent longplayer that delivers AOR on a champion’s league level. This albums are the result of experience, capability, passion and creativity. Even if you’re a true metal head you should be ‘fearless’ enough to give this album a fair chance. AOR passionistas will like “Fearless’ anyhow.





  1. All I See is You
  2. The Tell
  3. In Caricature
  4. Silent Music
  5. Fearless
  6. Everlasting Love
  7. Freedom of the Night
  8. The Light in Your Eyes
  9. Rising Up
  10. The Silence Says It All
  11. Faster than a Prayer
  12. Unmasking the Mystery


Label: Frontiers Music

Genre: AOR

Release Date EU: January 27th, 2017

CD review PRIDE OF LIONS "Fearless"
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