(7/10) Undrask is a melodic death metal outfit, hailing from Greensboro, North California. The foundation of this band dates back to 2013, leading to a first EP entitled “Undrask”. After a period of four years the quintet will release their debut “Battle Through Time”, an album that comes with 10 songs and a running time of appr. 50 minutes.

The genre of melodic death metal gives a wider space for interpretation when it comes to sound. looking on the well-done artwork of the album you might have to think about In Flames and yes, the quintet reminds of the earlier days of the Gothenburg-based metal icons. Next to these influences it’s another Swedish band that had/has an impact on Undrask. The mighty Vikings of Amon Amarth inspired Erik Collier and his gang as well, something that comes back in songs like the title track and the pounding “Longhammer”.

But “Battle Through Time" is more than brutal riffs, deep growls, filigree solos and well-integrated melodies. The band took the effort to also embed a storyline which makes the debut to a concept album. It’s about a man that’s lost to eternity, forced to fight and die repeatedly.

To conclude, “Battle Through Time” is an interesting album that should be checked-out by fans of the above mentioned bands. It features good songs which also got a pretty good sound. It might not bring a lot new to the table but it’s well done and entertaining.





  1. No Graves for the Dead
  2. Conscripted
  3. Champion of the Dawn
  4. Black Ocean
  5. Embers and Omens
  6. Longhammer
  7. Primal Revelation
  8. Faceless Eyes
  9. Final Right
  10. Battle Through Time


Label: Self-Released

Genre: Melodic Death Metal

Release Date EU: January 27th, 2017

CD review UNDRASK "Battle Through Time"
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