(8/10) "Here Now, There Then" is the highly anticipated first album of Dutch psychedelic rock outfit Dool. The quintet released a first single in 2016 and played a notable show on last years Roadburn festival in Tilburg.

Who is Dool? The five-piece band is Micha Haring (d) and Job van Zande (b), both former members of The Devil's Blood. The two guys teamed-up with Reinir Vermeulen and Nick Polak, both guitarists and its singer Ryanna van Dorst who completes the line-up of Dool.

The group worked on their debut, which features eight songs that are rooted in dark rock. In total the album provides the listener with 50 minutes of exquisite rock music. To describe the sound of Dool I would say that it’s a combination of dark rock, that is spiced up with a psychedelic vibe and a certain touch of gothic. A song that epitomizes this is “Oweynagat”. Sisters Of Mercy are often mentioned as a source of inspiration, but I had to think of Fields Of Nephilim when I listened to this gloomy beauty. No surprise that this song was chosen to be the first single and the first countable statement of the band.

“Here Now, There Then” also starts spectacularly. The five guys have put the longest track in pole position. “Vantablack” is a 10 minutes opus that spreads the vibe of an elegy in the beginning. After a few minutes the opener builds–up to a rocking masterpiece and evolves into a bittersweet beauty. It’s a first solid pillar on which Dopl build their music on.

Another track I would like to stand still for a moment is “The Alpha”. Based on a powerful rhythm section the tune is kept in a slower pace. It’s an irresistible groove that pushes this tune forward. It’s a psychedelic groove monster that has weaved in moments of light before darkness and wistfulness takes over again.

All this could lead to the impression that Dool created an album that is charged of despair and sadness. Party this is probably true. But what counts even more is this melancholic fascination that makes this album to an irresistible piece of music and to a great debut. It puts a spell on you.





  1. Vanatblack
  2. Golden Serpents
  3. Words on Paper
  4. In Her Darkest Hour
  5. Oweynaget
  6. The Alpha
  7. The Death of Love
  8. She Goat


Label: Prophecy Production

Genre: Dark Rock

Release Date EU: February 17th, 2017

CD review DOOL "Here Now, There Then"
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