(8/10) It feels like the Bay Area moved to The Netherlands, at least you get this impression while listening to the new record of Dutch metal outfit Downcast Collision. Even though the band is rather new the band members aren’t strangers to metal. Monica Janssen and Peter van Toren played in many bands, amongst others they are part of X-Tinxion. Downcast Collision’s line-up gets completed by Geoffrey Mass and Casper van der Woord and it’s this quartet that worked on the band’s debut entitled “Rise Up”.

The longplayer comes with nine intense thrash metal attacks. As mentioned in the beginning, the four-piece band doesn’t hide their source of inspiration. Metallica-like riffs shimmers through in songs like “Cast Aside”, the title tracks shows more than just a few Testament cross-references and the opener “Overthrown” reminds me of Exodus.

What is remarkable with Downcast Collision’s sound is the powerful rhythm section. Van Toren (d) works hard behind his drum kit and acts as a relentless workhorse, providing a tight beat that’s strengthened by a hammer bass. It’s Monica Janssen how takes over the four string and she’s also the singer of Downcast Collision. She adds with her vocals and growls a certain Arch Enemy element to this thrash inferno which increases the level of heaviness.

Downcast Collision’s debut is a forceful one that’s heavily grooving. Bay Area thrash metal fans should have a sympathetic ear when it comes to “Rise Up”.





  1. Overthrown
  2. Rise Up
  3. Cast Aside
  4. Second Sight
  5. Bombs Away
  6. Scapegoat Warrior
  7. Spin Doctor
  8. The Seventh Day
  9. Photonic



Genre: Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: February 17th, 2017

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