(7/10) Münster, Germany becomes more and more to a centre of well-done rock music. Bands like Long Distance Calling and Black Space Riders are coming from there and now it's a death metal band that presnts another aspect of the local metal/rock scene.

Order To Ruin is the name of a band that can refer to some releases already. Denis Pfeffer started the group in 2012 with a first EP called "Underworld Path". After some line-up changes it's nowadays, next to Denis, Mike Seidel on bass and Simon Busse on guitar who blow life into Order To Ruin. 

This new record is number six in the bands history. After a one minute intro, "Planet Zero" marks the real start of the album. Like the band described in their release info sheet it's deep growls and traditional guitars that dominate the scene, all present in this first smasher. After such a well-done start things continue with the raging "The Mystery of a Madman", a song that includes a pretty cool bassline. On to a next tune. "Dreamdemon" is following the same pattern as the first two songs and slowly we get to the small downer of this release. 

Order To Ruin put great songs on this album but the songs felt a bit of the same only different. The title track, esp. in the beginning, differs a bit and the same goes for Maiden-inspired to "Arcane Walker". However, in the end it's the surprise moments that I was missing on this longplayer and a bit more variation would have made a good album even better.

Anyhow, Order To Ruin released a longplayer with more than solid headbangers that are all done and produced in a good way. Order To Ruin - a band that could be interesting for fans of Amon Amarth and Co.





  1. Transcending Superior Cosmos
  2. Planet Zero
  3. The Mystery of a Madman
  4. Dreamdemon
  5. Necromorph
  6. LZ 129
  7. Lunar Asylum
  8. Arcane Walker
  9. Predators from Gaia


Label: Self-Released

Genre: Melodic Death Metal

Release Date EU: February 1st, 2017



CD review ORDER TO RUIN "Lunar Asylum"
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