(8/10) Andorra isn't a country that comes first to your mind while thinking about heavy metal. However, there are bands that try to bring this small European country also on the map of metalheads. One of these bands is Persefone, a group that started in 2001 with a debut that was be released in 2003. The sexett released three additional longplayer with "Aathma" being their fifth record.

Eventhough Persefone couldn't appreciate a bigger breakthrough, their longplayers have been well-received in the underground and led to a support slot for Obituary in 2010. But due to a wide range of sounds, the band could also went on tour with proggers Leprous.

All the mentioned shows that Persefone can't be put in a certain box. Their music reminds of bands like Opeth and it was no less than mastermind Jens Bogren who signed being responsible for mix and mastering of "Aathma".

The core of this new Persefone longplayer is the titletrack which is a 20 minutes highlight at the end of the album. Divided into four parts, the song is a treat for prog fans. But the song and the album is much more - it comes with a level of heaviness that will be highly-acclaimed by death metal supporters. The epos starts calm and soulful with a six minutes long first part. Some heavy moments spice up this tune before "Spiritual Bliss" takes over the scene. I was more than once reminded of Dream Theater, listening to these well-crafted sound construction that stands for the skeleton of this masterpiece. In part number three the evil side of Persefone's sounds gets more to the forefront. Might growls and a heavy riffing takes over, showing the brutal part of the band's progressive metal interpretation. After such a sonic storm it's the final chapter that brings back the calmness after the storm. "One with the Light" became a beautiful last episode in this exciting journey though inspiring progressive metal.

Even though I put the title track into the spotlight in this review it's the entire album that brims with power, harmony and brutality, each of these components blending in perfectly.

I have to admit that I missed the guys from Andorra to date and I'm glad that the album will end a period without Persefone. This group deserves a much higher level of awareness since they combine harshness and filigree songwriting to an exciting universe of sounds. Thumbs up.





  1. An Infinitesimal Spark
  2. One of Many...
  3. Prison Skin
  4. Spirals Within Thy Being
  5. Cosmic Walkers
  6. No Faced Mindless
  7. Living Waves (feat. Paul Masvidal)
  8. Vacuum
  9. Stillness is Timeless
  10. Aathma
  • Part I. Universal Oneness
  • Part II. Spiritual Bliss
  • Part III. One with the Light
  • Part IV. ...Many of One


Label: ViciSolum Records

Genre: Progressive Death Metal

Release Date EU: February 24th, 2017

CD review PERSEFONE "Aathma"
Tag(s) : #Persefone, #Prog Metal, #Death Metal, #Thrash Metal, #Power Metal