(8/10) Swabian powerhouse Pyogenesis belongs to the group of bands that don’t care about what’s hot and what’s not. Flo V. Schwarz and his gang started in the 90’s, a decade in which real metal bands had a hard time. Pyogenesis began as a death metal outfit before they moved towards gothic metal, a genre that was in the starting blocks at that time. And last but not least the band gave their sound another twist. “Love Nation Sugarhead” from 1996 had a strong alternative rock touch, a certain pop appeal included.

After a 13 years period without new longplayer Pyogenesis came back in 2015 with a next full-length album and now it’s “A Kingdom to Disappear” that’s delighting fans of the group.

An intro that's called “Sleep is Good" is the beginning and it's an unusual one. However, what comes next feels like a big step back in time. "Every Man for Himself and God Against " shows some raging guitars and deep growls. I seriously had to check if I've chosen the right album. The more melodic chorus helps to get the dust settled, meaning Pyogenesis as we know them the late 90’s are shining through more and more. However, the death metal moments still spicing up the brutal and thrilling opener.

After such a well-done musical tornado the rest of the album feels like a refreshing breeze. One exception though. “Blaze by Northern Flame” brings back the growls, something you actually can expect from a song with such a title. These two songs are real highlights. This doesn’t mean that the rest of the album can’t live up to the standard. Not at all. None of the … tracks on the album is a weak and bloodless piece of music. Each song includes quite some excitement and even the acoustic break “New Helvetia” is a nice moment of leaning back.

“A Kingdom to Disappear” became a solid alternative rock/metal album that bridges the early days with the here and now by including all the different phases of this special band. Good stuff and good to have them back.





  1. Sleep Is Good (Intro)
  2. Every Man for Himself and God Against All
  3. I Have Seen My Soul
  4. A Kingdom to Disappear (It’s Too Late)
  5. New Helvetia
  6. That’s When Everybody Gets Hurt
  7. We (1848)
  8. Blaze, My Northern Flame
  9. Everlasting Pain


Label: AFM Records

Genre: Alternative Rock

Release Date EU: February 24th, 2017


CD review PYOGENESIS "A Kingdom to Disappear"
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