(7/10) Like many times before it’s interesting stuff from Sweden that hits the CD players. This time it’s a band that answers to the name of Satan Takes A Holiday. The group is around since 10 years, having their roots back in 2006, when Fred Burman, Johannes Lindsjoo and Svante Nordstroem have been part of the first line-up.

The trio release a self-titled debut in 2009 followed by two more record over time. “Aliens” is their fourth album and it’s the first one for Despotz Records. “Aliens” features eleven songs and comes with a pretty short running time. Not even 30 minutes means that the band boiled things down to the essence. Satan Takes A Holiday’s music is very 60’s and 70’s oriented. Bands like MC5 definitely influenced the sound on “Aliens”, an album that’s filled pretty good garage rock, in the best meaning of the word.

Some songs you should check out are "Ladder to Climb" with a powerful bassline, the psychedelic "Iron Pipe" and the swinging "More is More'. These tracks will give you a pretty good idea of how 'satan sounds, being in need of a holiday'.

Satan Takes A Holiday is a band with name that sticks to your mind and “Aliens” probably helps them to reach a wider fan base, also outside of Sweden.





  1. Good Cop Bad Cop
  2. The Beat
  3. Ladder to Climb
  4. Get You Girl
  5. Iron Pipe
  6. More is More
  7. Born at Night
  8. Queen Mother
  9. Love Me Like I Love Me
  10. Why Don’t We Do It in the Road
  11. Winklay


Label: Despotz Records

Genre: Garage Rock

Release Date EU: February 24th, 2017

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