(7/10) OK, two things in the beginning: I haven’t heard of The Wild! so far and a check of the artwork also didn’t give me any indication of what to expect. Therefore it’s the best things to press the ‘Play’-button and listen with full excitement to what leaves the speakers. In The Wild!’s case things were far better than what I was thinking of.

“Wild at Heart” stand for pure rock’n’roll the way I like it. I could imagine that the four-piece band from British Columbia would mention names of bands like AC/DC, Led zeppelin and Aerosmith as their main influences, at least the songs on “Wild at Heart” give me this impression. And listening to tunes like the great “Livin’ Free” also adds an impression of Volbeat, just in a more basic and powerful version.

The Wild! are definitely not unique with their music. Still, each of the ten songs on this album sounds authentic and comes with a kick-ass attitude. The entertainment factor of this release is sky-high and the big beauty. The way the four guys bring together rock, blues and the harshness of punk rock creates excitement and can act as a perfect soundtrack for your next party. It also could make your next car ride into the sunset to an even better experience and standing in a traffic jam while these songs are on an endless loop improves the situation a lot (tested by myself).

The Wild! stands for what their band name states. This album gives you a wild time with ‘the heart of the wild’. Good stuff from the Canadian West Coast that brings the rawness of the Rocky Mountains right into your living room.





  1. Ready To Roll
  2. Livin‘ Free
  3. White Devil
  4. Another Bottle
  5. Best In The West
  6. Six Hundred Sixty Six
  7. Rattlesnake Shake
  8. Run Home
  9. Down At The Bottom
  10. Kansas City Shuffle


Label: Steamhammer/SPV

Genre: Hardrock

Release Date EU: February 17th, 2017

CD review THE WILD! "Wild at Heart"
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