A few months after having published the latest prog rock milestone “The Similitude of as Dream”, Neal Morse and his band comes up with a new release. This time it’s a live release featuring the Morsefest 2015.

Release date of this comprehensive package will be on March 24th via Radiant Records. The Neal Morse Band and an additional group of 38 musicians contributed to this concert that’s now being released as Blu-Ray Disc (2 discs) and DVD+CD (2 DVD’s + 4 CD’s).

This release includes both night with Neal Morse song, arranged and interpreted in a new way. In more than 5 hours “Morsefest 2015” comes with performances of longplayers such as “Sola Scriptura” and “Questions” as well as tracks from Spock’s Beard and Transatlantic.

Next to the music it’s the visual elements integrated in the show, completing a holistic approach and providing treats for ears and eyes. Next to the two shows itself the release comes with a 60 minutes documentary which gives a look behind the curtain of such a show and production.


The Neal Morse Band

  • Neal Morse: Vocals, keyboards, guitar
  • Mike Portnoy: Drums, vocals
  • Randy George: Bass
  • Bill Hubauer: Keyboards, vocals
  • Eric Gillette: Guitars, vocals

Special Guest Musicians

  • Phil Keaggy: Guitar
  • Nick D'Virgilio: Drums and Vocals

Additional Musicians

  • Nathan Brenton: Cello
  • Eric Brenton: Violin
  • Wil Morse: Backing vocals and keyboards
  • Gabe Klein: Percussion

Background Singers

  • Debbie Breese
  • April Zachary
  • ulie Harrison
  • Stacie Funk
  • Amy Pippin

Horn Section

  • Emmanuel Kalechi: Trumpet
  • Joe Douglas: Alto Sax
  • Ben Clark – Trumpet
  • Nate Heffron - Tenor sax
  • Oscar Utterstrom: Trombone


Vocal Choir

Gideon Klein (Conductor), Christian Pippin, Bonnie Massie, Wil Morse, Aaron Webb, Brenda Causey, Ashley Morrell, Reva Farmer, Gideon Klein, Dave Klein, Laurie Klein, Jerry Klein, Rosie Klein, Joey Pippin, Ally Smith, Joanie Howard, Kathy O’Keefe, Amber Thompson, Justin Zachary


Video Disc One

  1. Intro (1:56)
  2. The Call (10:25)
  3. The Grand Experiment (7:36)
  4. Go the Way You Go (14:01)
  5. MacArthur Park (13:36)
  6. A Whole ‘Nother Trip (24:14)
  7. New Jerusalem (8:33)
  8. Question Mark Intro (3:16)
  9. Temple of The Living God (6:35)
  10. Another World (2:16)
  11. The Outsider ( 2:52)
  12. Sweet Elation (2:46)
  13. In the Fire (8:02)
  14. Solid As the Sun (7:57)
  15. The Glory of The Lord (3:05)
  16. Outside Looking In (5:12)
  17. 12 (7:00)
  18. Entrance (6:14)
  19. Inside His Presence (7:16)
  20. The Temple Of the Living God Reprise


Video Disc Two

  1. Intro (2:06)
  2. The Door (34:28)
  3. The Conflict My Heart (5:42)
  4. The Conclusion (17:34)
  5. Waterfall (7:56)
  6. At the End of the Day (17:07)
  7. Wind at My Back (7:02)
  8. Whirlwind Medley ( 16:37)
  9. Thank You’s (7:17)



  1. Making-of Documentary
Photo: Radiant Records
Photo: Radiant Records

Photo: Radiant Records

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