(*/10) Most of you know Amorphis excellent “Under the Red Cloud” album, which is so far their latest studio longplayer. I don’t spend many words on this release because I strongly assume that you heard the album already. For the ones of you reading this review without knowing ‘Under the Red Cloud” I can just advice the check it out. It’s worth it.

However, there is a tendency these days to release longplayers with a special goodie a few month after the original release date – often labeled as ‘tour editions’. Sometimes there’s a question of ‘why’ these re-releases take place but in Amorphis’ case things are pretty clear. Fans get an extra that is worth to listen to and worth the investment.

This edition comes with an extra disc that’s called “An Evening With Friends @ Juhlaviiko – Huvila”. It contains the recording of a concert the band did in August 2016. The show was part of the Helsinki-festival in the Huvila, which is a big tent in the centre of the Finnish capitol. The band felt very honored of having the chance to perform at the festival and they wanted to make this night to something special.

One of the things that made it to an extraordinary moment have been guest, being invited by the band to share the stage with the band. Anneke van Giersbergen was part of this memorable concert as well as Sakari Kukko and Pekko Käppi, both enriching Amorphis classics with their different musical background. Flute and saxophone are instruments that aren’t associated with the Finnish metal icons. But after having heard the album with these new interpretations I must say that it fits very well. Amorphis songs naturally come with an intensity, which gets an extra layer on this album.

My personal favorite on this live album comes at the end. “Her Alone”, originally part of “Silent Waters” , is performed as a duet. Tomi Joutsen and Anneke Van Giersbergen lift this song to a level that speaks for itself. It’s an emotional moment that is moving, with the saxophone solo as being the icing o0n the cake. This version of “her Alone, a song that was rarely performed over the last years is a great closure of an extra disc that not only collectors should call their own. This stuff is epic.

This edition of Amorphis’ 12th longplayer makes sense, showing the band from a slightly different angle, which fits very well. A beautiful live recording of a unique concert, done by one of Finland’s best metal bands.





CD 1"Under the Red Cloud":

  1. Under the Red Cloud
  2. The Four Wise Ones
  3. Bad Blood
  4. The Skull
  5. Death of a King
  6. Sacrifice
  7. Dark Path
  8. Enemy at the Gates
  9. Tree of Ages
  10. White Night
  11. Come the Spring (Bonus)
  12. Winter's Sleep (Bonus)

CD2 "An Evening With Friends @ Juhlaviiko – Huvila':

  1. Enigma
  2. Far from the Sun
  3. Silent Waters
  4. My Kantele
  5. Silver Bride
  6. Sampo
  7. Alone
  8. The Wanderer
  9. Her Alone (feat. Anneke Van Giersbergen)


Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: February 23rd, 2017

CD review AMORPHIS "Under the Red Cloud - An Evening With Friends @ Juhlaviiko – Huvila"
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