(7/10) The term “super group” is tossed around very loosely these days. Some people probably consider Art Of Anarchy as such a super group with musicians that have a strong identity. Artist being well-known from bands like Guns’n’Roses (Ron ‘Bumblefoot Thal) and Disturbed (John Mayer) plus Jon and Vince Votta means high expectations. And the fact of Scott Stapp takes over the role as singer for Art Of Anarchy increases curiosity and interest in the band. 

The debut was release in summer 2015 with Scott Wieland doing the vocals and two years later the sophomore release “The Madness” follows. The band doesn't take the easy way out when choosing their frontmen. We know how it ended with Weiland, while Art Of Anarchy is, after Creed and his solo releases, he first band for Stapp after many years of ups and downs.

But let's talk about the album. The beginning of "The Madness" sounds quite thrilling. "Echo of a Scream" comes with a massive rhythm line and a chorus that's catchy, but not soft, sweet and lazy. Also "1000 degrees' is, what else should it be with such a title, pretty hot and loud. It has an almost hypnotic beat that's pushing hard. Things get gloomier with "No Surrender", a song with a well-crafted too and includes a cool chorus.

Unfortunately there are tunes on "The Madness" that might be good rock songs, but also more average ones. "Won't Let You Down" sounds like Creed 2.0 and also "Changed Man" comes out of the speakers like something I've heard many times before.

Fortunately there are some real sonic crackers in the second half too. "A Light in Me" and slowly grooving "Dancing With the Devil", the best track on the album, can be earmerked as real winners.

"The Madness" is a solid album; a record that has its highlights when the guys play loud and heavy. All in all it's an entertaining way to spend 40 minutes and there is the chance of pressing the 'Play'-button again.





  1. Echo of A Scream
  2. 1000 Degrees
  3. No Surrender
  4. The Madness
  5. Won't Let You Down
  6. Changed Man
  7. A Light in Me
  8. Somber
  9. Dancing With the Devil
  10. Afterburn


Label: Century Media

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: March 24th, 2017

CD review ART OF ANARCHY "The Madness"
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