(7/10) The albums’ named “Glitter”, the girls wear a lot of glitter and the remaining question is, how shiny the new record is. “Glitter” is the second disc from Stockholm-based trio Heavy Tiger. It was two years ago, almost to date, when the three-piece band unveiled their debut album, bringing energetic rock’n’roll into your home.

In order to make people aware of this album the girls went on tour, amongst others also opening for the Backyard Babies. “Glitter” doesn’t change the bands musical direction at all. What began with “Saigon Kiss” continues with this album.

Heavy Tiger’s music is still very much influenced by 70’s classic rock days when bands like Kiss and The New York Dolls have been talk of the town. Next to references it’s bands like The Clash as well that comes back in the various songs on this new longplayer.

Heavy Tiger keeps things straight-forward which means that the running time isn’t much longer than half an hour. However, these 34 minutes are energizing ones. The three girls spread a good vibe with uptempo rockers and cheerful songs. For doing this in the best possible way the girls also could count on support from some Swedish music icons. Let’s take “Devil May Care”, the first single, which is a song that was written by The Arc singer Ola Salo and produced by no one less than Nicke Andresson himself. The other nine tracks have been produced by Rikard Lofgren at Leon Music Studios.

“Glitter” became a glamorous album with songs that supports a good mood and a great time – not more but also not less.





  1. I Go for the Cheap Ones
  2. Feline Feeling
  3. Shake Me
  4. No Tears in Tokyo
  5. The Only Way is Up
  6. Catwalking
  7. Downer and a Sunny Day
  8. Keeper of the Flame
  9. Starshaped Badge and Gun Shy
  10. Jemma
  11. Devil May Care


Label: Wild Kingdom

Genre: Hardrock

Release Date EU: March 24th, 2017



CD review HEAVY TIGER "Glitter"
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