(8/10) Time flies, something that came to my mind when I received the new Immolation longplayer. It was 28 years ago when the guys from New York embarked on their death metal adventure, an endeavor that’s till ongoing to the present. As we speak, a new leg called “Atonement” is added to Immolations discography. The band’s 10th studio album is available since a few days, a disc that comes with evil death metal 11 anthems.

Already at this stage of the review I have to say that this new longplayer is a blast. After a short and sinister beginning the opener develops to a high-speed metal track that comes with some well-placed breaks. Immolation never get’s lost in planless sonic assaults. Every element of their songs has a purpose and sounds well thought through. This leads to monstrous riffs as well as it brings jaw-dropping leads and raging rhythms. Each of the tunes contains these trademarks. Just listen to tracks like “When the Jackals Come” and you know what I’m talking about.

And it’s not just the variation in the songs itself. Also each of the tunes has a slightly different expression. This could easily end up in a very scattered sound, but it’s the earlier mentioned features of Immolation’s sound, which act as a glue that keeps the album together.

Songs like the title track or the closer “Epiphany” are numbers that have an ‘in your face’ attitude included. However, next to immense power it’s the level of virtuosity that brings these eleven songs to another level.

I also want to mention the artwork of “Atonement”. The reason isn’t only the fact that it’s well done. The angel of death, walking through a city that went through an apocalyptic devastation perfectly visualizes the music on this album. Immolation adds with “Atonement” another excellent album to their discography. The quartet takes you along an excursion through old school death metal that, after all these years, still sounds dynamic and brutal. This longplayer, together with Obituary’s newest release, belongs to the death metal highlights of these first two months of 2017.





  1. The Distorting Light
  2. When the Jackals Come
  3. Fostering the Divide
  4. Rise the Heretics
  5. Thrown to the Fire
  6. Destructive Currents
  7. Lower
  8. Atonement
  9. Above All
  10. The Power of Gods
  11. Epiphany


Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Death Metal

Release Date EU: February 23rd, 2017

CD review IMMOLATION "Atonement"
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