(9/10) Let me paint an imaginary picture for you. You see a green meadow, surrounded by bushes in different heights. In the distance you see some hills, slightly covered in an late afternoon haze. In the front there’s an older tree that shows some scars of a long life. Some sheep are peacefully grazing in the last sunrays of the day that enlighten the entire scenery. You ask yourself way I’m starting the review with such a description? The answer is simple. “Lost in the Ghost Light”, the new Tim Bowness album could be the perfect soundtrack for such a setup.

English singer and songwriter Tim Bowness was part of many projects and had appearances on albums done by various bands. Since 2004 Bowness also worked on solo releases with “My Hotel Year” being the first one that was shipped to the record stores. After two more longplayers “Lost in the Ghost Light” marks the fourth strike of this passionate musician.

Bowness created with “Lost in the Ghost Light” an album that comes with eight songs, actually it’s more compositions. The artist invites the listener on a journey through sounds that are sometimes more fragile, sometimes more rocking and sometimes a bit melancholic. The glue that holds together all this are wide soundscapes and brilliant melodies that put a spell on you.

Longer guitar parts reminded me here and there of Pink Floyd and other moments brought Steven Wilson to my mind.

A song that is slightly different from the before mentioned is the title track. The light-hearted atmosphere is changing. The tune comes with a darker expression which gives the listener an uncomfortable feeling. By adding such an interlude like this to the playlist Bowness created a well-placed contrast to the album.

You want to be “Lost in the Ghost Light”, because this longplayer provides you with beautiful and well-done music that’s calm and reflecting. It’s like an acoustic oasis in a world full of noise pollution.





  1. Worlds of Yesterday
  2. Moonshot Manchild
  3. Kill the Pain That’s Killing You
  4. Nowhere Good to Go
  5. You’ll be the Silence
  6. Lost in the Ghost Light
  7. You Want to be Seen
  8. Distant Summers


Label: InsideOut

Genre: Prog Rock

Release Date EU: February 17th, 2017

CD review Tim Bowness "Lost in the Ghost Light"
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